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Cost: $50


Trail Class Section Awards

  • Ribbons to 6th place within each division.

  • Prize money in classes 92 and 93.


Trail Course General Information


Time: The Trail course arena will be open from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday, June 20.  You may complete the course at any time that is convenient with your schedule.  


Course:  Expect a basic course with simple elements/movements. For example, movements may include: open gate, sidepass and/or back over poles, cross mall bridge/board, lope across poles set on a straight line, navigate cones at the trot, etc.


Eliminations:  A rider may attempt an obstacle three times.  If not successful, the rider takes a penalty score of -10 for that obstacle and moves on to the next obstacle.  In other words, no competitor will be eliminated.


Multiple Rides: The same horse/rider combination may ride the course twice.  Each attempt costs $50 with $25 added back to the purse.  The same horse/rider combination may earn multiple prizes based on the two separate scores.

Special Considerations trail riders: Wearing a helmet is strongly advised but not required.


Trail Section Class List

92.       $250 Trail Class Classic* – Junior/Amateur Rider

93.       $250 Trail Class Classic* – Open Rider


*Note: Purse is $250 plus $25 per entry.  Purse distribution percentages are 40/30/20/10.



Trail Class Section

($500 added money)


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