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Barrel Racing Section

($1,500 added money)

Friday Night



Cost Per Run:  Entry is $35/run if entered before June 13.  Entries received June 13 are $45/run. Multiple runs are allowed.


Barrel Race Section Awards

  • Ribbons to 6th place within each division.

  • Prize money in classes 90 and 91.

  • T.I.P. Barrel Race Section High Point – Prize and ribbon to fasted TIP horse run.

  • AQHA Second Go – awarded to fasted run from a quarter horse.


General award rules: Cash prizes are paid based on a 4D format by each division listed below.

  • 1st Division = Fastest Time

  • 2nd Division = Fastest Time+ 1/2 second

  • 3rd Division = Fastest Time+ 1 second

  • 4th Division = Fastest Time + 2 seconds


Total Prize Money: $750 per division plus $20/run add back


Prize Money Distribution:

  • 1D – 30% of total purse

  • 2D – 27% of total purse

  • 3D – 23% of total purse

  • 4D – 20% of total purse


Payouts: Following a 4D format, prizes will be paid as follows:

Number of horses qualifying in the division

1 – percentage payout is 100%

2 – percentage payout is 60/40

3 – percentage payout is 43/33/23

4 – percentage payout is 40/30/20/10

If a division has no riders, the prize money for that division will be spread evenly between the remaining divisions.  Ribbons and prize money will be available in the horse show office at 9:00 pm Friday night.  Awards not picked up by the end of the show will be mailed.


Time: The Barrel race arena will be open from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM on Friday, June 19.  You may run your race(s) at any time that is convenient with your schedule.   Barrel course may be slightly smaller than standard to fit within the Remington Park surface. 


Special Considerations for Barrel Racers: You are not required to purchase a stall or pay the office fee.  Entry does not include a ticket to the Saturday night dinner and silent auction.   Tickets are available for $20.  Additionally, wearing a helmet is strongly advised but not required.


Barrel Race Section Class List

90.       $750 added Barrel Race Stake – Junior/Amateur Rider

91.       $750 added Barrel Race Stake – Open Rider 

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