General Rules & Eligibility

General Eligibility:

The Sport of Kings challenge is open to all former racehorses (must have a lip tattoo and/or a published workout) including: Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, Arabians, Appaloosas, and Paints.  New this year, a Thoroughbred with a T.I.P. number is eligible for all classes. 


Thoroughbred Incentive Program “T.I.P.” Eligibility: Only Thoroughbreds that have been registered with The Jockey Club or a foreign Thoroughbred stud book recognized by The Jockey Club are eligible to participate in T.I.P. classes and awards. Riders and owners should obtain a free T.I.P. number for all horse/rider combinations. T.I.P. number applications are completed online at T.I.P. numbers must be provided to the horse show.  T.I.P. prizes are proudly sponsored by the Jockey Club.


General Entry Requirement:

All horses must have a current (12 month) coggins which will be presented to the guard at the stable gate. Out of state horses must have a current health certificate (30 day).  Horses will enter at the Remington Park stable gate located at NE 50th and I-35.


Entries and Divisions:

Pre-entries are encouraged although entries will be taken at the show. Dressage, Western Dressage, and Eventing Derby classes require pre-entry to allow for efficient ride time scheduling. 


Each class has two divisions unless noted on the class list.  No cross entry between division.  The divisions are:

1. Junior/Amateur – All non professional riders.  Amateur riders will be required to sign an amateur statement on the entry blank. An amateur is an exhibitor 19 years of age or older who has not shown, judged, trained or assisted in training a horse for remuneration.  Prize money won as a rider does not count against amateur status as the prize money is considered paid to the horse.  Additionally, an amateur does not train or coach other riders for remuneration.

2. Open – All riders


General Rules:

Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated and offenders will be dismissed from show grounds without refund.


AQHA show rules will be followed for bit or equipment requirements.


No martingales or tie downs in flat, dressage or western dressage classes.


No boots or wraps in flat, hunter, dressage or western dressage classes.


Riders should be dressed in appropriate show attire (collared shirts, boots etc).


Braiding is suggested but not required.


All riders will wear helmets while mounted in all areas of show grounds unless noted otherwise in class section list.


Show management reserves the right to combine or split classes.


Riders will respect “off limits” areas that will clearly marked by Remington Park.


All horses must stall to reduce the amount of traffic in the stabling area. Remington Park is donating the use of their facility. We want to keep it clean.


Well-mannered and leashed dogs are allowed. Please no dogs in the show arenas.


Thoroughbred Athletes, Inc. and Remington Park or employees will not be responsible for any accidents, loss, theft or injuries that may incur.



Class Fees: 

Flat Classes

$15/ regular class or $40 for stake classes

Hunter, Jumper and Green

$20/regular class or $45/ stake classes

Dressage and Western dressage: $25/test

Eventing Derby:  $85

Trail Stake: $50

Barrel Race:  $45 per run (entered after June 13) or $35 per run (entry June 12 or before


Other fees:

Stabling: $55 weekend or $30/day  

Office Fee: $15 if entry received by June 12 or $25 if received on or after June 12

Clinic with Laine Ashker: $175 for 90 minute group lesson

Extra dinner ticket: $20 competitor and family rate Note: Competitors receive 1 dinner ticket with every weekend stall purchased.


Scratches/refunds:  No refunds after June 12.  Scratches prior to June 12 with a vet certificate or doctor’s note receive a full refund.



Conservative schooling attire is appropriate for all classes. Braiding is optional but appreciated. Tack options are at the discretion of each individual competitor.


Stabling is optional. Stalls are available from 6 am Friday, June 20 through Monday June 22 (8 am).  Stalls DO NOT include bedding. Stalls are 10x12 on a dirt floor and DO NOT include a stall gate.  Don’t forget to bring a stall gate and eye hooks to hang it.  The horse show office will have a cordless drill for you to borrow to install the eye hooks.  Stall opening is 4 feet.  Acceptable bedding is limited to shavings.  You are welcome to bring your own.  You may preorder shavings from Cross Brands Feed at 405-478-2327.  Show management will email stall assignments on June 17 to rider.  Cross Brands will deliver shavings to the stall number that you provide.  Please note stalling group on show entry.  Free tack stall provided to each group.  You will need to bring your own lock for the tack stall.  Stalls will be located in Barns 5A and 5B.



Class Awards

Ribbons through 6th place in all classes except TIP classes which are awarded through 8th.  Class ribbons will be awarded after completion of each class.  Pick up awards at the awards office located next to the horse show office in Barn 5A. 


Prize money

Prize money will be mailed to the Rider’s address on record within 2 weeks.  Please make certain that your contact information is legible and current.  See each division for prize money details. Prize money payouts are scheduled to 4 places.  If a class does not have at least 4 competitors, the money allocated to the placings that did not fill will revert back to the show unless specified otherwise in this prize list (ex. Barrel race section).


T.I.P. Highpoints 

Restricted to horses with a T.I.P. number.  Points will be earned in all eligible class as follows:   1st – 10 points; 2nd – 5 points 

  • Hunter High Point – Points earned from all placings in hunter classes excluding green

  • Jumper High Point – Points earned from all placings in jumper classes excluding green

  • Barrel Horse – Awarded to fastest barrel time of a T.I.P registered horse

  • High Point Dressage – Awarded to highest scoring percentage of a T.I.P. registered horse regardless of level or test

  • High Point Western Dressage – Awarded to highest scoring percentage of a T.I.P. registered horse regardless of level or test

  • High Point English Pleasure – Includes points earned in English flat classes 10 through 17

  • High Point Western Pleasure - Includes points earned in Western flat classes 1 through 7

  • Eventing High Point Green

  • Eventing High Point Beginner Novice

  • Eventing High Point Novice

  • Eventing High Point Training

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