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Thoroughbred Athletes, Inc. is a 501 c-3 nonprofit organization located in Guthrie Oklahoma dedicated to the rehabilitation, retraining and rehoming of off-track Thoroughbreds while giving young people a chance to develop new skills. Their mission began in an effort to help retired racehorses find new careers and prevent them from situations that may lead to neglect, starvation, or slaughter.

TAI is the first all thoroughbred retraining facility in the state of Oklahoma. In addition to being the first in the state to be fully accredited by both TAA and GFAS. Founded in 2011 by Lynn Sullivan, we make it our mission to be a stepping stone for these "Thoroughbred Athletes" providing them the rehab and training to transition them to second careers in their new homes. Whether these athletes be responsibly retired, sound or injured, rescued from dangerous situations; we will take them in.

The goal of Thoroughbred Athletes, Inc is to teach retired racehorses a new skill set that will afford them a second career beyond racing. Because of their athleticism, thoroughbred horses excel at a variety of sport horse disciplines including dressage, hunter, jumper, combined training, polo, fox hunting and pleasure riding. Many former thoroughbred racehorses have successfully competed at the Olympic level in dressage, jumping and combined training. Some thoroughbreds are found on police forces and in crowd control while many thoroughbreds serve as family horses. At Thoroughbred Athletes, Inc. we help these noble animals into that second career beyond the racetrack. 

To learn more about Thoroughbred Athletes:



CALL: Lynn Sullivan at 405-802-1312


VISIT: 2851 South Midwest Blvd.Guthrie, OK 73044



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