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Frequently Asked Questions...


Is any thoroughbred, quarter horse, paint horse or appaloosa eligible to compete?

  • All horses entered in the Sport of Kings Challenge horse show must have a lip tattoo or a published workout. The presence of a tattoo or a public workout suggests that a horse was at one time being prepared for a racing career. Horses are not required to have actually started in a race.


Do I need to have any memberships or horse registrations to compete?

  • No memberships or registrations are required for most awards. Thoroughbred Incentive Program “T.I.P” classes and awards do require that the horse have a T.I.P. number. It is free to obtain a T.I.P number. Please visit:


Is there a way for me to support this cause without showing a horse?

  • Yes, sponsorships are available. Please see the sponsorship tab.


What divisions are offered?

  • The Sport of Kings Challenge Horse Show offers flat, hunter, jumper, dressage, western dressage, trail, barrel racing, and eventing derby classes.


Will junior riders compete against open riders?

  • Junior riders will not compete against open riders except in classes that are clearly labeled as having no divisions.  The show offers two divisions this year:  Oen Riders and Junior/Amateur Riders


Can a junior rider earn prize money without impacting amateur status?

  • Junior riders do not need to worry about amateur status until they are over 18.


What health papers will I need to show to gain access to the stabling area with my horse?

  • All horses must have a current (12 month) coggins which will be presented to the guard at the stable gate. Out of state horses must have a current health certificate (30 day).


Will a vet and farrier be available during the show?

  • A vet and farrier will be available on call throughout the show duration. Contact information will be posted in the stabling area.


Must I purchase a stall if I am only competing for one day?

  • Day stalls are available. Stalling is recommended to reduce the amount of traffic in the stabling area. Remington Park is donating the use of their facility. We want to keep it clean.


Are stalls equipped with stall gates and shavings?

  • No, stalls to not include shavings or a stall gate. Stalls are 4 feet in width. You are welcome to bring your own shavings or make arrangements with Cross Brands Feed at 405-478-2327 for delivery of shavings to your stall.


Is it OK for me to hook up a fan on my horse’s stall?

  • Yes, each stall has a functioning electrical outlet.


Can I be stabled with my trainer?

  • Yes, the entry blank includes a line for you to indicate group stalling preferences.


Are dogs allowed at the show?

  • Well-mannered and leashed dogs are allowed in the stabling area. They are not allowed near the performance arenas.


What happens if I need to scratch my horse?

  • No refunds after June 12. The show incurs many expenses that still must be paid. Thank you for understanding. Scratches prior to June 12 with a vet certificate or doctor’s note will return class and stalling fees.


Can I enter at the show?

  • Yes, you can enter at the show although pre-entries are encouraged in order to maximize efficiency of scheduling. Additionally, group stalling cannot be guaranteed for late entries.


Do I need to braid my horse?

  • Braiding is not required. It is up to the rider to decide. Appropriate schooling show attire (ex. collared shirt, etc) is expected.


Do I need to wear a helmet?

  • A helmet is required for  ALL classes and at any time you are mounted unless stated otherwise in the section classes (barrel racing and trail classes).



If you have additional questions, please contact show secretary, Stacia Wert-Gray at


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